Tuesday, September 27, 2011


OK, I had some feedback from Queenie Leenie, she says she loves the story of my first book so far. She has made some really awesome suggestions and been so helpful. I am still working on the next story, it seems to be coming along well. I am actually revisiting the beginning of the story at this point.

Talked with my cousin Linda tonight, it has been a long time. Loved talking with her and hearing her thoughts. I wish I had the talent you have Linda for designing a blog page! :-)

My youngest daughters baby shower is this weekend so after that is over I will hopefully have more time to devote to the books! She is so excited, this is her first baby.

OK, I am off of here, heading to bed since I have to work tomorrow.

Oh one more thought, Melissa Foster will be launching her new book on November 1st! I can't wait

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