Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yesterday's Memories Giveaway

My goodness, did you all see the wonderful review of my book on the following blog? So exciting! We are doing a giveaway on the site as well. I hope you entered for a chance to win.

Review by Marlene Engel

As Emily drove down the winding road, she spotted a house and was instantly drawn to it.  Although there was no “For Sale” sign on the yard, it didn’t appear as if anyone was living there.  There was just something about that house that made her feel like she was meant to have it.  After some research, she found that the house was indeed vacant.  She was told by the realtor that the owner didn’t have the house listed, but said if the right buyer came along, someone who loved the house as much as his family did, then thy would sell it. 

After purchasing the home, Emily found a box full of pictures in the attic.  She loved how the house was decorated and was hoping to find furnishings similar to the pictures as possible.  To her delight, she came across an antique shop that had many of the original furniture and d├ęcor from the house.  Emily became quick friends with the shop owner, Marsha.  She learned that Marsha was very close to the family who lived in that house.  She also found out that the house held a secret.  In the library of the house, there was a “window” that allows you to travel into the past.  Emily stumbled upon this by accident.  At first she didn’t know what was happening and thought she was going crazy.  When she realized that she had traveled back in time, it intrigued her.  She was able to meet the family who had lived there before and formed a quick bond with them.  But when she finds herself falling for a man in the past, she’s wondering if she say goodbye to the present day and live in the past with him.  

Yesterday’s Memories is unlike any book I’ve read.  Although it is a romance novel, it also has time travel in it as well.  I wasn’t sure how I’d respond to a book of this genre, but found that I really liked it.   I enjoyed seeing how the characters of the present and past interact and the complexity of the romance that they shared.  Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  It will make you laugh and it will make you cry, but overall it will have you believing in the magic of love.

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